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Timau Community (Policing) Project – Phase 2 (TCP2)

Greenhouse polythene theft


Date: June 28, 2012

By: admin

TCP2 was established in July 2010 after the community in estates and villages neighbouring TCP1 area of operation also came together and started their own project.

Many had witnessed the success of TCP1 in preventing and reducing crime. Being in the same area, they faced similar safety and security issues.

This community also wanted to feel safer and secure at home and in their places of work and therefore wished to start a similar community policing project as TCP1 in their area.

The TCP2 area of operation, although primarily similar to TCP1, has its demographic individuality. Unlike TCP1 which consists mostly of large farms, TCP2 is mostly smallholder territory with a few large grain and flower farms.

These farming communities were witnessing an increase in livestock theft, produce theft and to a small extent, highway robbery.

Communities weary of these and other crimes came together and started the project with the support of CRDF. CRDF donated a vehicle, hired a driver and handles the administrative tasks of the project.

The communities contributed funds to renovate a disused Ministry of Works building and established a police patrol base.

Some sections of the building were turned into accommodation facilities for the police officers and the project team consisting of a driver and a project manager.

Operating from the Gachuiro Police Patrol Base, TCP2 operates in Mia Moja, Ngania, Kalalu, Karachi, Mugumo, Mwireri, Tetu, Lower Cheki, Katheri, Nturukuma, Makutano, Kangaita, Mukima, Kwa-Makara, and Mathangiro villages.

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