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Caravan of Hope


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Date: May 30, 2012

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On 28th March 2009, the CRDF team headed to Looldarik and Emboli areas in Kajiado District, Kenya, for a special food aid dubbed “the caravan of hope”. The team visited and interacted with 14 drought affected families who were mainly from the Maasai community.

The area has received no rainfall since December 2008 hence leading to the drought and death of cows in the whole area. The residents have to wake up at 3am. and walk for more than 20km to get supply of water, they return to their houses (manyattas) at around 2pm. after the long trek.

Women and children are the most affected by this drought as they are the ones who do most of the labour in the community i.e. herding, fetching water, house work, building their homesteads (manyattas) among other uses.

The team left the families happy and hopeful.

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