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Caravan of Hope

On 28th March 2009, the CRDF team headed to Looldarik and Emboli areas in Kajiado District, Kenya, for a special food aid dubbed “the caravan of hope”. The team visited and interacted with 14 drought affected families who were mainly from the Maasai community. The area has received no rainfall since December 2008 hence leading [...]

Dam building project

Due to drought and unpredictable weather pattern, CRDF saw the necessity to assist the community in building Dams for water preservation for them and their livestock. The pilot project was launched in Embolei area, Kajiado District, in August 2004. CRDF assisted in building of the Dams by providing manpower and a caterpillar bulldozer truck. In [...]

Tree Planting

Still in the same area CRDF also facilitated in the planting of Acacia seedlings to try to improve the drought situation for the future’s sake.

Sponsoring Education for needy children

CRDF identified and sponsored vulnerable and needy children through their education from primary, secondary and to colleges. Below are some of those that benefited from our sponsorship programme.


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