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Safety on Water

Life Jackets for Mtwapa Primary kids -  School Swimming and Safety Programme 2013

CRDF supports individuals and groups to respond to emergencies in and around the Indian Ocean, rivers, inland lakes and waterways.
Kenya has a magnificent 700 km coastline, bordering the Indian Ocean to the east protected by a beautiful yet unforgiving coral reef with numerous creeks and rivers, silting up inlets during the ‘Kusi’ heavy rains.
The Kenyan coast is characterized by maze of 32 mapped islands, thriving fishing communities of some 10,000 active fishermen using simple vessels and basic trade tools, operating from 115 gazetted landing sites.
The Kenyan coast is a favorite tourist destination for both locals and international visitors, with a thriving hotel industry and a capacity of 65,000 beds.

The Kenyan Coast has popular public beaches attracting approximately 5000 local residents at peak times, most of them non-swimmers.
The creeks are crossed by boats and ferries, transporting up to 160,000 passengers and 3000 vehicles daily.
Hundreds of people needlessly die in Kenya each year as a result of accidents and natural calamities.
Many more lives are saved when the communities affected are aware of what they can do and how they can use their local expertise and resources without depending on external assistance.

CRDF has helped the local community of fishermen and beach operators establish a volunteer lifeguard unit that has helped save many lives.

CRDF facilitates emergency response by bringing together community members with their local leaders and service providers.

CRDF organizes training from local and international organizations working in emergency response. CRDF also coordinates provision of basic equipment necessary for first responder rescue, for communities that live near water.

CRDF works closely with the Kenya Maritime Authority for the purpose of maintaining accountability and professional integrity.



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