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Amini Kilifi Community Project

is Swahili for ‘believe’. Amini Kilifi therefore means ‘believe in Kilifi’. Amini Kilifi is a Community Based Organization (CBO) registered in 2008 and operating in Kilifi.

Kilifi is a small coastal town in Kenya, famous for its ancient ruins and beautiful beaches. Kilifi is located 20 km North of Mombasa, along the 700km stretch of Indian Ocean in the South East of Kenya.

Concerned with escalating crime rates, especially violent crimes in their area, the residents of Kilifi invited Crisis Response Development Foundation (CRDF) to support a community based policing initiative similar to those supported by CRDF in other parts of Kenya.

Following consultations with the residents of Kilifi in 2010, it was agreed that under the umbrella of the Amini Kilifi CBO, a committee comprised of Kilifi residents would be formed to run the community policing initiative.


The Amini Kilifi Community Policing Project was officially launched on the 7th of February 2011 with the donation of a patrol vehicle from CRDF. Unlike other CRDF supported community policing projects, the community opted to run the Amini Kilifi project themselves instead of CRDF.

In July 2012, after various administrative challenges, the residents of Kilifi again invited CRDF to support the community policing initiative by managing the operations of the project.

Following meetings and discussions with Kilifi residents, local authorities and local business owners, CRDF now manages the Amini Kilifi community policing initiative. Through the Amini Kilifi initiative, CRDF partners with the Kenya Police who provide two armed officers in the patrol vehicle 24/7.

CRDF also aims at linking the community with the Kenya Police and other local authorities to help with the provision of security services. The residents of Kilifi in turn provide vital information that helps the Kenya Police and Amini Kilifi respond to crisis and emergencies in the community.


Amini Kilifi in partnership with the Kenya Police have responded to cases of theft, violent crimes, burglaries, sexual offences, accidents, rescues and other crimes and incidents.

The patrol vehicle does mobile patrols, lock ups and spot checks in various areas in Kilifi including Mnarani town, Neighborhood watch area, Majajani Road, Boatyard, Old Ferry area, Fumbini, Kiwandani, Bofa Road, Salim Mwambire Village, Kilifi Plantation, Sea Horse, KEMRI Research and surrounding areas (map)

Residents and business owners in Kilifi support the community policing initiative as sponsors, by contributing as much as they can towards the operating costs of the patrol vehicle as well as the salaries for the project manager and driver.