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TCP1 Activity Report – May 2015

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Date: July 20, 2015

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In May, there was no clear pattern in the crime incidents responded to by the patrol team.


  1. On 14th May 2015 at 1415hrs, The Kenya Police and TCP1 responded to a call from a security head at Batian Farm reporting a case of theft. On arrival, the team found that security guards had detained a suspect who had been caught stealing wood worth KShs 500. The suspect was arrested and taken to Timau Police Station where he was booked. The two guards accompanied the team to the police station where they recorded their statements.

Malicious Damage

  1. On 4th May 2015 at 1045hrs, The Kenya Police and TCP1 responded to a call from a sponsor reporting a case of malicious damage of trees which he claimed to be his. On arrival, the team found the area chief at the scene who explained that the trees were on public land and were being cut for public use. The team instructed the sponsor to discuss the matter with the chief and the community.


  1. On 20th May 2015 at 1725hrs, The Kenya Police and TCP1 responded to a call from a RCM Wangai reporting a non-injury motor vehicle accident at Ballast reported to him by a sponsor from Timaflor. On arrival, the team found that a motorcycle had hit a motor vehicle from the right side. Both the rider and the driver were escorted to Timau Police Station for further police action.
  1. On 29th May 2015 at 0230hrs, The Kenya Police and TCP1 responded to the scene of a non-fatal motor vehicle accident along Meru-Timau highway at Kwa Nganga. On arrival, the team found that a lorry had rammed a matatu from behind causing injuries to passengers. The four slightly injured passengers were rushed to hospital and the matter handed over to Meru traffic police.
  1. On 30th May 2015 at 2120hrs, The Kenya Police and TCP1 responded to a call from a community member reporting a non-fatal motor vehicle accident at Kwa Nganga Market along the Meru-Timau Highway. On arrival, the team found that a Land Cruiser headed to Nanyuki and a minibus headed to Meru had been involved in an accident. Two passengers aboard the minibus were injured and were rushed to Nanyuki Hospital. The case was handed over to traffic officers from Meru. Both vehicles were towed to Meru.

Mobile patrols/Spot checks

In May, The Kenya Police and TCP1 carried out night patrols and day patrols. Patrol duties and spot checks were done at farms, business premises and sponsors’ homes. Areas patrolled include Embori, Sunland Roses, Siraji, Batian Flowers, Oldonyo, Timaflor, Lelwel, Timau Township, PS Daves, Uhuru Flowers, Gitumbi, Mia Moja, Ballast, Catlanos farm, Embori Farm, Jikaze Posho mill, Karimba, Black Board, Lolomarik, Kiambogo, Kisima Farm, Marana, Kisima Secondary, Marugu Farm, Betha Academy, Kwa Ng’ang’a Market, Ngusishi Market, Maritati Market, Bloomingdale Roses, Adenapple Farm, Kabubungi village and along Meru-Timau highway.

Fuel usage and mileage

Total number of litres of fuel drawn

176.14 litres

Total number of kilometres

2904 km


For the successful growth of the project, we invite community members to participate in the TCP1 Community (policing) Project in any way that is most suitable for them. The services of the project are available for everyone in the community. We welcome your suggestions and comments that will help the project better serve the community.

The above information reflects the work of TCP1 and does not reflect the records of the local police authorities. It is important to note that the local police authorities respond to incidents independent of the community policing project. However the above TCP1 activities were carried out in partnership with The Kenya Police.


TCP1 Emergency Telephone No: 0710 607 363

CRDF Regional Crisis Manager, Joseph Wangai Tel: 0717 200 101

OCS Timau Police Station Tel: 0724 135 422

Community Liaison Committee Chairman; John Mwiricha Tel: 0721 916 798

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