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NAIBOR Activity Report – May 2015


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Date: July 20, 2015

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In May, there was no clear pattern in crime incidents responded to by the patrol team.


  1. On 20th May 2015 at 1125hrs, The Kenya Police and Naibor responded to a call from a community member reporting a case of theft at Storm Resort. On arrival, the team found that unknown suspects had stolen four bulbs from two houses. No arrest or recovery was made but police are investigating.
  1. On 25th May 2015 at 0110hrs, The Kenya Police and Naibor responded to a call from a community member reporting a case of stock theft at Mukima. On arrival, the team found that unknown suspects had broken the door of a boma and stolen 23 sheep. Together with community members, the team patrolled the area and laid ambush. Later, the Anti-Stock Theft Unit (ASTU) joined the search but no recovery was made. The case was taken over by ASTU and investigations are ongoing.

Other Incidents

  1. On 15th May 2015 at 1030hrs, The Kenya Police and Naibor arrested and interrogated a suspect at Maiyan who had failed to return a motorcycle that had been loaned to him to earn a living with by a friend in January. Upon expiry of the agreed time, the suspect had switched off his phone and moved from Katheri to Kariunga where he was employed at Mayian. Upon interrogation, he directed the police to Katheri Market where he produced the motorcycle. He was later escorted to Nanyuki Police Station for further police action.

Mobile Patrols

In May, The Kenya Police and Naibor carried out 21 night and 4 day patrols. Areas patrolled included Kariunga, KHE, Kirimukuyu, Mugumo, Murimati, Juakali, Naibor, Mogwooni Ranch, Mpala Ranch, Mpala Research Centre, El Karama Ranch, Maramoja, Oldigiris, Enasoit Ranch, Storm Resort and Mukima.

Fuel usage and mileage

Total Number of liters of fuel drawn

423.11 Liters

Total number of kilometers covered

2932 Km


For the successful growth of the project, we invite community members to participate in the Naibor Community (policing) Project in any way that is most suitable for them. The services of the project are available for everyone in the community. We welcome your suggestions and comments that will help the project better serve the community.

The above information reflects the work of Naibor and does not reflect the records of the local police authorities. It is important to note that the local police authorities respond to incidents independent of the community policing project. However the above Naibor activities were carried out in partnership with The Kenya Police.


Naibor Emergency Telephone No: 0712 932 015, 0775 751 815

CRDF Regional Crisis Manager, Joseph Wangai Tel: 0717 200 101

OCS Nanyuki Police Station Tel: 0722 394 152

Community Liaison Committee Chairman; Benson Mathenge Tel: 0720 947 392

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