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Crisis Response


CRDF provides humanitarian assistance in emergency situations where the immediate well being of individuals or a group is threatened.


CRDF has been involved in supporting people in times of conflict, natural disaster, accidents and so forth, in various areas across Kenya.


CRDF in conjunction with community leaders, the business community and local authorities work together in responding to incidences such as road, aircraft, train and boat accidents.


CRDF also works with communities and their local authorities in mitigating the disastrous effects of natural calamities such as floods, famine, drought and other emergency situations.


CRDF is also involved in one-off projects such as sponsoring the education of vulnerable children, building a dam and tree planting.


CRDF has and is constantly helping the communities in need with their special needs. Below are some of the projects that CRDF has been involved in.



Learn more about our projects and some of the issues we address in our work