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Mission Vision and Values

VISION - Community Patrol Aeroplane


To improve response to emergencies and crises and empower communities to direct their own development by creating links with local authorities and other stake holders in the community.


Communities working alongside local authorities towards safer societies and sustainable development.


ACCOUNTABILITY: CRDF is guided by the principle of accountability in its work in supporting community policing initiatives and crisis response. CRDF is accountable to the communities and partners it works with and adopts an approach of openly providing information of the implementation of decisions, activities carried out and management of the various projects, through regular reports and updates that are readily available for review.

COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY:CRDF believes that communities have a duty to enhance their own development and work with their local authorities to realize their development goals and security needs. CRDF provides administrative support and the link between communities and local authorities but the responsibility of initiating and sustaining community policing and other development projects lies with the communities.