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About Us


Crisis Response Development Foundation (CRDF) is a non-profit organization registered in Kenya in 2003. CRDF was founded to design, implement and sustain community development projects which offer rapid, effective and professional response in times of crises and emergencies.

Community Security and Safety

CRDF has been working in communities where people are concerned with increasing crime levels and have invited CRDF to support a community based policing initiative in their area. CRDF would donate a patrol vehicle, provide administrative support and hire a driver and project manager.

CRDF had linked community leaders, local authorities and the community to help improve security and safety. The Kenya Police were a key partner in CRDFs safety and security initiatives. The Kenya Police would post two armed officers in the patrol vehicle 24/7, to effectively respond to reports related to crime and safety.

CRDF worked with the support of community members who reported incidents, volunteered information and contributed what they could towards project operational costs of the vehicle, driver and project manager.

CRDF currently supports five community based policing projects across Kenya in the areas of Timau, Naro Moru, Burguret, Nanyuki, Ongata Rongai and Kilifi. These projects will soon be handed over to the communities to manage them independently


Maritime Safety

CRDF supported individuals and groups to respond to emergencies in and around the Indian Ocean, rivers, inland lakes and waterways.

Hundreds of people needlessly die in Kenya each year as a result of accidents and natural calamities. Many more lives are saved when the communities affected are aware of what they can do and how they can use their local expertise and resources without depending on external assistance.

CRDF facilitated emergency response by bringing together community members with their local leaders and service providers. CRDF organized training from local and international organizations working in emergency response. CRDF also coordinated provision of basic equipment necessary for first responder rescue, for communities that live near water.

CRDF worked closely with the Kenya Maritime Authority for the purpose of maintaining accountability and professional integrity.


Crisis Intervention

Life Jackets for Mtwapa Primary kids -  School Swimming and Safety Programme 2013CRDF provided humanitarian assistance in emergency situations where the immediate well being of individuals or a group was threatened. CRDF has been involved in supporting people in times of conflict, natural disaster and accidents in various areas across Kenya

CRDF in conjunction with community leaders, business community and local authorities worked together in responding to incidences such as road, aircraft, train and boat accidents and natural calamities such as floods, famine and drought. CRDF was also involved in one-off projects such as sponsoring the education of vulnerable children, building a dam and tree planting.

CRDF is supported by private donations.